Genres from the Past

In the past, The 54 Film Fest Genres have come in all shapes and sizes. For 2019, expect a few new genres mixed in with a variety of your old favorites and not-so-favorites (e.g., Musical or Live Action Video Game).

The Final 2019 Genres are as follows:

Holiday or Vacation
Horror or Suspense
War or Kung-Fu
Cop or Lawyer
Coming of Age or Romantic Comedy
Animation or Inspirational
Adventure or Serial
Survival or Post Apocalyptic
Biopic or Art Film
Historical or Period Piece
Revenge or Soap Opera
Superhero or Western
Action or Spy
Crime or Mystery
Political or Medical Drama
Silent Film or Noir
Slapstick or Dark Comedy
Found Footage or Family Film
Sci-Fi or Heist
Musical or Live-Action Video Game
Monster or Alien
Tall Tale or Fantasy
Buddy or Road Film
Space or Time Travel
Documentary or Satire
Sport or Culture Clash
Psychological Thriller or Foreign Film
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